The sports industry is firmly rooted within the framework of world society. So admired are its athletes and so fanatic are its fans that the industry has become ingrained in the social psyche. Sports have a universal appeal. It is only natural that sports and business have become partners, creating mutually beneficial arrangements which enhance image and revenues.

In partnership with sports and business, the law has been used to protect profits as well as define rights and responsibilities. This high powered partnership between sports, business and law, while glamorous and prosperous, also gives rise to disgrace and financial disaster when not properly managed. Consequently, as discovered by its many clients, the sports management services of the Drana Group are vital to mastering the business and legal complexities of the sports industry.

At The Drana Group, the sports page is the business page where the score is most often found not in the box score, but the bottom line. The firm’s experience, talent, and success are uniformly respected in the sports industry’s business and legal communities. The Drana Group is successful because it generates success for its clients.

The Drana Group has counseled and represented athletes, teams, coaches, corporations, athletic associations and charitable foundations. While there are many “players” in the sports industry, few have the comprehensive capability and expertise of The Drana Group. Our clients find it reassuring to know that the full depth of our expertise is at their disposal and their interests are being guarded by the very best.


John Earl Drana
President and Attorney at Law
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Stefano L. Bando
Vice President of Athlete Services
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Sal Bando
Baseball Advisor and
Chairman of its Advisory Committee
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