Selecting a representative to manage his or her professional affairs is one of the most important decisions an athlete or coach will ever make. Sports is not like entertainment, it is entertainment – a billion dollar industry. Consequently, the athlete can ill afford to not select capable and trusting representatives. The Drana Group, through its unique staff, provides the very best in athlete representation.

More impressive than the individual professional credentials of The Drana Group is the character of each member. We do not believe that the growth of wealth and power should be mistaken for the growth of strength and character. It is our character, along with the character of our clients, which defines who we are and our success.

When selecting your agent it is important to fully understand what that means. “An agent is a person authorized to act for him or her, one entrusted with another’s business. A sports agent acts on behalf of an athlete in negotiating the athlete’s playing contract with a professional team or organization” ( NCAA, A Career in Professional Athletics, A Guide for Making the Transition, page 5). However, the Drana Group offers you much more then this. We offer our athletes comprehensive career management services, including but not limited to:

The Drana Group offers you much more then a phone call every so often. We offer you years of professional experience formulated into a style based on trust, loyalty, friendship, respect, and professionalism.

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